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1. What are the procedures for issuance of Nigerian Passport?

Visit, OR Video demonstration on:;

2. Can I apply for self and family members at the same time?

Yes, you can apply and pay, using a UK debit/Credit card for a maximum of 5 of your family at the same time, and they must all bear the same surname;

3. How do I make payment for a family of more than 5 persons?

You must either go to OIS Services Limited, 56 - 57 Street EC4Y 1JU OR registar your payment card with Innovate. Visit;

4. What are the most common mistakes made during payment?

i) Postcode gap. The PostCode must not have space in between. E.g. WC2N 5BX MUST be typed WC2N5BX.

ii) The names printed on the form MUST match the names printed on the payment card.

iii) When typing your full name on the payment page, do not press the space bar after typing the last letter. E.g. If name on payment card is Maxwell Brown, Do not press the space bar after typing letter 'n' which is the last letter of the surname;

5. I a Nigerian, just got married and need to change my surname to my husbands. Do I have to fill the online form with my husband's surname?

Yes. The name on your form is the name that will appear on your passport. However, note that change of name is strictly for women;

6. Do you have provision for a frequent traveller?

Yes, frequent travellers can apply for 64-page passport booklet;

7. What is the validity of the Nigerian Passport?

5 years;

8. Can I endorse my child on my passport?

No, children can no longer be endorsed on passports, they must apply for their own;

9. My passport is with the Home Office. Can I apply for a new one?

If the passport is still valid, you cannot. If it has expired, you can apply as a Lost passport applicant;

10. I am applying for my first Nigerian Passport, Is consent letter from my parents compulsory?

No, if the applicant is an adult. Yes, If the applicant is a minor(under 18 years);

11. I am a single parent, and it is impossible to get both consent and Passport Data page of my spouse for my child, what can I do?

If you are a single parent, and the birth certificate of the child shows that status, you can apply with your own documents. If not, you must submit proof of custody from court;

12. Is it compulsory I bring my baby to the High Commission for his/her passport?

Yes, because no passport is processed by proxy;

13. I am unable to be physically present at the High Commission, because I am an applicant with special needs, is there any way you can help?

In exceptional circumstances, the High Commissioner may consider an approval of a mobile biometric enrolment, but in that case, applicant must apply to High Commission, attaching doctor's recommendation. Please forward your application to: The Immigration Attache', Nigeria High Commission, 9 Northumberland Avenue, London.WC2N 5BX. You may also send an email to;

14. Can I pay for FAST TRACK?

YES. As long it is your Normal Interview Date on your payment receipt. Collection of passport is 14 working days after the biometric enrolment;

15. I am a foreigner married to a Nigerian, can I therefore apply for a Nigerian passport?

A: No. Eligibility to have Nigerian passport is by citizenship;

16. I am having difficulty to pay for my passport on-line. What can I do?

You are advised to contact OIS Services Limited, 56-57 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1JU, Tel: 020 7832 0001, 9am - 5pm;

17. Do I need 2 passport photograph?

No. Only If you are applying for Replacement of Lost or Misplaced Passport;

18. I have applied for my passport and obtained an interview date from Nigerian Immigration Service Website, Is that all I need?

No. You will still have to come for your biometric capturing on the Interview Date on your Payment receipt

19. Do you have a list of Lost and Found Nigerian Passports?

Yes. Visit:;

20. Q: Do you have facility for applicant with disability?

Yes, we offer assistance, but you need to inform us before coming. Please call 0207 839 1244 OR send email to;

21. I lost my Nigerian passport while visiting the United Kingdom, and I need to go back to Nigeria. What can I do?

A: Please apply for Emergency Travel Certificate. For requirements, visit:;

22. What is the validity of Emergency Travel Certificate?

30 days from the date of issue;

23. Is the Emergency Travel Certificate valid to take me to another country?

No. It is only valid for one way journey to Nigeria;


How to send a complaint?

  1. Passport and Visa matters:

  2. Customer Services:

  3. General:

  4. Suggestion Boxes in the Visa and Reception Halls and the Library.




   This is to inform all the prospective evacuees in the United Kingdom (UK) that the Federal Government has decided to eliminate the fourteen (14) days compulsory supervised Isolation/Quarantine Click here for details


   Further to the previous released statement by the High Commission on the below Subject-matter. Click here for details


   This is to inform all the prospective evacuees in the UK that the Federal Government Task Force on COVID-19 have decided that henceforth, all evacuees returning to Nigeria will have to pay for their Quarantine.Click here for details

NHC London
The Nigeria High Commission, London regrets to inform the general public that due to the current pandemic of Coronovirus (COVID-19), and in view of the increasing cases in the United Kingdom, passport and all consular services are suspended until further notice.

This proactive measure is to protect and limit exposure of both applicants and staff of the Mission to the CONVID-19 outbreak which is in line with the Health advisory issued by the UK Government.

However, those who need to make enquiries about travelling and other passport services should contact the below numbers or email address. Also for those who wish to return on Emergency Evacuation should click on the following link for further Information: Click here for details

Immigration Section
Line 1: +44 7495061238
Line 2: +44 7535322077

Consular Services
Line 3: +44 7930 442416

Head of Chancery
Line 4: +447495061754

The High Commission regrets any inconvenience

Head of Chancery
For: High Commissioner