The Nigeria High Commission Library in the United Kingdom is essentially a reference library. It holds Federal Republic of Nigeria publications, trade directories and a wide range of general educational and cultural topics about Nigeria. It also holds archival material which relates to British rule in Nigeria. The majority of the archival materials which date back to the late nineteenth century may be used for research purposes.

The Library contains several thousand volumes of works on Nigeria, the bulk of which relates to Federal and State Governments - summaries of legislation, annual report and statistics. The collections also include reference books and bibliographical tools - encyclopaedias, dictionaries and directories. The Library regularly publishes a list of recent acquisitions. It is located on the ground floor of the Chancery.


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Information Services Enquiry services are available - Library staff answer enquiries on all topics relating to Nigeria. We will give advice on sources of information outside the Library's own stock
Inter-library loans Inter-library loans are available. Photocopies of articles from Nigerian government publications held by the library will be provided on request to individuals. Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope if you require a photo-copied article. A small charge will be made to cover the costs of photocopying
Loans The Nigeria High Commission Library is essentially a reference library. There are no borrowing facilities.
Group visits Group visits to the Library, to look at materials relating to Nigeria, are welcome. To arrange a visit, please contact the Librarian.
Photocopying service A photocopier is available in the Library. We charge a small fee towards photocopying.


Federal Government of Nigeria Publications (G) These are Federal Government publications originating from government departments/institutions
Federal Government of Nigeria Publications (FR) 1960-67

These are Federal Government publications which relate specifically to the former regions of Nigeria - Eastern, Northern, Western including Mid-Western Region.

Annual report, statistics, summaries of legislation by each of the former regions are kept next to the FR publications.

States' Publications (SGOV) These are publications by all the States of Nigeria.
Official Gazettes The Library holds the following official gazettes:
  1. Official gazettes of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  2. Official gazettes of State governments of Nigeria
Periodical Collections The Library receives leading journals from Nigeria and other countries covering subjects such as economics, education, history and politics. From time to time the Library receives publications by the following organisations: ECOWAS, OAU, UN, UNESCO. British parliamentary & Commonwealth Secretariat publications are also available in the Library.
Current Information Files The Library has current information on a variety of subjects relevant to Nigeria (These files may be used for reference in the Library)
Newspapers The Library obtains regularly a number of leading Nigerian newspapers as well as those of the U.K.
Archives Official gazettes of the former regional governments of Nigeria, laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are held in the archives. Other materials include books & journals of historical importance.
Catalogues The card catalogue is arranged in a "dictionary" sequence, which consists of author, title and subject cards arranged in one alphabetical sequence. In addition there is a separate list of journal titles and holdings. Fiction and literary works are listed separately.
Poster Collection The Library has a collection of colour posters which may be borrowed for use in schools and other educational institutions. The posters include scenes of Nigerian life, historical events and famous Nigerians. Most posters are A3 size or slightly larger. Posters should be borrowed and returned in person, or can be returned in the mail if packed in a mailing tube.
Travel Information The Library holds several travel guides to Nigeria & West Africa, which may be consulted by library users. The Library also holds several State guides to individual states of Nigeria. Travel guides may be photocopied, (within the guidelines of the Copyright Act).

Opening Hours & Availability


Open: Monday - Friday: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Telephone: 0207 839 1244 ext 279

Offices of The High Commission

Open: Monday - Friday: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm

The Library and the High Commission observe the national holidays of Nigeria and those of the United Kingdom. Please check in advance if you intend visiting either the High Commission or the Library.

The Library is open to the general public, organisations and government departments It is advisable to have some form of identification, (e.g. student card, other library ticket, driving licence or passport), if you are planning to undertake extensive research in the Library's archives. Please note that visit to the Library is by appointment

Important announcement about the issuance and collection of Nigerian Passport
This is to inform the general public that the Nigeria High Commission, London is currently experiencing difficulty in the supply of Nigerian Passport Booklets from Nigeria.
Take note that this affects both 32 and 64 pages Passport Booklets.

This situation is not peculiar to the Nigeria High Commission alone. As a result of this problem, The waiting time for collection of all passport (both 32 and 64 pages) after biometric capture is now reduced to 1 MONTH ONLY. Check this website regularly for any update before coming for collection.

Applicants whose Nigeria Passports are not ready on the automatic computer generated collection date but in urgent need to travel to Nigeria are advised to choose one of the following options provided they are in possession of a foreign passport that guarantees travelling back to the United Kingdom:

1) Apply for an Emergency Travel Certificate (Gratis).
This can be used to enter Nigeria. However the applicant must use his or her foreign passport to travel back to the United Kingdom. To qualify for this option, applicant must provide the following:
a)Copy of Passport Collection Slip
b) Copy of itinerary journey to Nigeria
c) 2 Recently taken passport-sized photograph
d) Original and photocopy of foreign passport
e) Completed Emergency Travel Certificate form.
Click here to download Emergency Travel Certificate form

2) Apply for a Nigerian Visa
Click here to apply for your Nigerian visa
The visa application is collected by OIS Services Limited, 56-57 Fleet Street, London. EC4Y 1JU. Tel. 0207 832 0001

Take note that this is only a temporary measure. The High Commission will inform the general public on this website as soon as the situation improves.

Click here to check if your passport is ready for collection

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

Immigration Section
Nigeria High Commission