Passport Services and Requirements

For Payment for e-passports, visit the Nigeria Immigration Service Website:

All applicants for e-passports are to apply by clicking on the link above.
Applicants are STRONGLY advised to take note and keep their Application ID and Reference Number to track their application status.

Applicants who do not immediately receive their "Payment Confirmed" Slips and interview dates should visit the Nigeria Immigration Website given above. Click on 'Query Your Application Payment Status', Select Passport Type, Type in your Application ID, Type in your Reference No, and Click on Search Record and your application details will pop up with Payment Updated heading if interview date is assigned. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and Click on Print Receipt to print the Payment Confirmed Slip.

Please Note: On the date of interview, please bring the Payment Confirmed Slip along with all the requirements, together with £20 processing fee in Postal Order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission London. Please, do not come to the High Commission until the interview date as those who do would not be attended to. KEEP YOUR E-PASSPORT SAFE. REPLACEMENT OF LOST, STOLEN OR MISPLACED E-PASSPORTS CAN ONLY BE DONE IN ABUJA, NIGERIA, AFTER A LONG AND TEDIOUS PROCESS.
Holders of the old, Machine Readable Passports (MRP) that have not done the 10 year life span may continue to use the passports until they are replaced with the new, epassport.
If travelling to Nigeria with the old passports however, they are SRONGLY advised to obtain the new passports in Nigeria before returning to the United Kingdom as they will not be allowed to travel on the old passports.
In the event that the applicants for the new passports wish to travel with the old passports before their appointment dates, they are advised to hold their Payment Confirmed slips and other relevant papers, to show the Nigerian Immigration Service Officials at the point of departure as evidence of application in progress


020 7556 8131; 020 7556 8160; 020 7839 1244 Ext. 231 and Ext. 260


IMPORTANT NOTICE: As part of our Immigration Reform Exercise, a Service Delivery Centre is now open at the Embassy.Services offered include: Internet Caffe', Printing and Photocopying of documents.

Passport Renewal(After 5 years from the date of issue)

(Passport, which has not yet served the normal ten years lifespan): Compulsory requirements are:

  • Original copy of the old passport of less than 10 years from the date of issue;
  • Payment confirmed slip (regardless of date of interview);
  • £20 British Postal Order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission, London
  • Click here to apply for e-Passport and obtain the Payment Confirmed slip

    Passport Reissue (After 10 years)

    (Passport, which has already served the normal ten years lifespan):

    If you are in possession of old MRP passport, Click here to apply for e-Passport

    Replacement Of Lost Passports

    • § Letter to the High Commissioner stating the circumstances of loss of passport;
    • § Submission of one copy of form C1;
    • § Submission of photocopy of the data page of Passport. One copy of Guarantor’s Form (P.21) duly Sworn before the Commissioner for Oaths at the Nigeria High Commission;
    • § Submission of a Police Report clearly stating loss of the Nigerian Passport;
    • § Submission of Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of Age duly signed by Commissioner for Oaths of Nigeria High Commission;
    • § Submission of a Sworn Declaration of the loss of Passport signed by the Commissioner for Oaths of the Nigeria High Commission;
    • § Submission of two studio-taken passport photographs (one of which must be endorsed on the reverse side by the Recommender who must also be a Nigerian);
    • § Documentary proof of profession (Letter from Employer or P60);
    • § Payment of £100 processing fee on the date of interview in Postal Order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission London;
    • Click here to download requirements and form
    • § Production of proof of applicant’s residence status i.e. letter from the Home Office showing evidence of stay in UK;
    • § Proof of applicant Address in UK i.e. 2 utility bills (e.g. Gas, Electricity) or Bank Statement;
    • § Letter from the academic institution (Students only).
    • If you satisfy the requirements, Click here to apply for e-Passport and come on the interview date printed on the "PAYMENT CONFIRMED" slip"


    1. All applications for re-issue of lost passports must be submitted at the counter. Applicants would thereafter be required to submit themselves for personal interviews. PAYMENTS MADE ARE NOT REFUNDABLE
    2. The Guarantor must be a reputable Nigerian with good knowledge of the applicant
    3. All submissions must be made in duplicates.

    Endorsement of child on parent's passport (Old MRP only)

    Note that children can no longer be endorsed on the e-passports, however they can now have separate epassports by following the same procedure as adults.

    Click here to download requirements and form

    Issue of ePassport to a child or a baby (First Issue)

    Click here for guidelines, fees and forms

    Emergency Travel Certificates

    As the name implies, Emergency Travel Certificate is issued for emergency purposes only, when and if the standard passport is lost. ETCs are issued to facilitate applicants immediate one-way departure for Nigeria only.

    Click here to download requirements and form

    NOTE: Fees are subject to changes.

    Requirements for Change of name by Marriage

    Click here to download requirements